PJ Kaszas | About





I am a wildlife and documentary photographer as well as a writer, painter, poet, multimedia designer, world traveler, and a former archaeologist. I do art in service to animals, nature, science, and history. I tell stories using light, color, composition, and words. For the past several years I’ve focused on photographing wild horses wherever they are found. But all the wild things we share our world with fascinate me. Through my photography I hope to share some of that wonder and curiosity, and especially show that sometimes that wonder and curiosity, between photographer and subject, goes both ways and there is so much that the wild world around us can teach us.

I am co-founder of Wild Horse Photography Collective (#wildhorsepc or @wildhorsephotographycollective on Instagram), an ever-growing community of photographers devoted to documenting the lives of these amazing beings. I am a member of the Plymouth Center of the Arts where my work can frequently be seen.


When not traveling or wandering around with my camera, I can usually be found stuck on a train somewhere between Cape Cod and Boston, Massachusetts or on my couch reading a book.



Profile photo courtesy of Chatanika Photography.